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  1. lostgirl19

    Im back

    Hey everyone, Im sorry i havent been on for a while so i thought it was time to say hey I just wanted to know how many people on this website are in perth australia as i really need new friends
  2. So happy for you! so glad your having a good week and trying to heal yourself you should be proud of yourself
  3. lostgirl19

    Family Drama

    Hey guys sorry i haven't been on for a while! Well everything was going fine....... I now have an amazing boyfriend, he is my other half i didnt know i could feel so much for one person, all i have to do is look at him and i smile. He is my anti depressant. I am so in love with him. i can not see myself without him!!!!! The only problem is his housemates don't like me and dont want me around and now i feel really awkward being here. i thought they liked me. i guess people can fake it! i just feel uncomfortable and i'm scared its going to tear us apart!. The other thing is my family they are always at each others throats and argue about stupid shit! Mum and Dad don't seem to be getting along at all!! My brother is caught up in it as he lives at home. i don't like being at home anymore cause the atmosphere is shit! i just feel like once i'm happy everything else seems to crumble away. This is why i don't like being happy!! Every time i am something fucks it up! work is also shit as my manager wont talk to me as i got my haircut the way she hates, she wants me to grow my hair! I'm trying to be me and she wants me to be her!! I guess i should just be unhappy for the rest of my life that way i cant fuck up my family, work or anyone else life.
  4. You guys are all so nice x already feeling a bit better
  5. hey guys im new to this website i was just wondering if you guys could tell me how it works and how i can join a chat with you all and talk to you. feeling lonely tonight and need someone to talk to. hope your all doing ok you can inbox me if you need anything, ill help you out as much as i can.
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