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    Baking, cooking, writing, and gaming.

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    2. wolfennights


      Oh, sorry, i posted a message saying hi but it felt too forward so i tried to delete it. I like your name tho.

    3. Rikusgrl


      Ohhhh hi 😊

    4. wolfennights


      hi, sorry, i didnt see this til now. But yeah, my message was me complimenting your username cus im a fan of Kingdom Hearts 2 and see Riku's struggle with the darkness as a metaphor for trauma.

  2. Welcome to all of the new people on this post
  3. As I said up there, I'm new here and more than a little nervous. Never really reached out before...but I wanted to say thank you for accepting me, and I hope we can talk sometime. With love and hope, Rikusgrl
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