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  1. I relate to your name this place gives you a space to be! Welcome
  2. I would say (very casually like i didnt care) Hey remember when you used a mickey to drug me that one night? Hahhaha that was so crazy! (to try and get her to admit guilt) Oops not five words but genius
  3. I stuggle with feeling safe how do you feel safe how do you know
  4. Dear c You killed me
  5. Wish i never met you
  6. I hate finding out who people really are. If someone is a jerk id rather not know face to face. Anyone can get raped just like anyone can get their car stolen. But people blame the victim so much and have to me that it had broken me even more. Just treat me like i was shot in the chest. Bring me a great gift basket and help me recover. Dont say what where were you doing standing in front of that gun. Also it seems anytime i tell the person sexual abuses me further??
  7. I think you should break up with himnto show him you wont put up with people treating you like that. And put up that boundary. Once he realises you are gone for a bit, i bet he will be willing to talk. But you are probably betrer off without him
  8. If he doesnt want tontalk to you that is a huge sign younare in trouble. He doesnt want to hear your voice. Your voice is the most important thing.
  9. I cant go outside
  10. Y do u run universities
  11. Y arent u in jail
  12. Sick of thinking about you
  13. i looked up to you
  14. I went to people i felt safe with and they said well you are an adult now. I hate how everyone treated me. My husband doesnt understand why i dont to talk to family . and majes me feel guilty and mean for not wanting to talk to people thst made me feel worse than the aytack itself