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  1. Trigger warning: Yeah what is up with the back pats? Tw: my uncle went to my court case. He acted like it was like attending a theater play. He said it was fascinating learning how the court works. But unfortunate circumstances in condescending way. Unfortunate?? That's an understatement. Rape is worse than murder. Sheesh. I don't know why he is acting like that
  2. Yeah another woman explained it's like this. A man was married to a female abuser. He couldn't devorce her because she would use the family name to ruin the company or something. So the guy became as boring as possible. She would ask him to go to lunch and he would be like meh no thanks. And pretty soon she left him because he was too boreing. Narcs need narssiistic supply. They are emotional vampires. You can't show them any emotion on your face. Stay with boring topics that aren't personal like. The weather, mundane things maybe movies. They say to even go as far as getting a boring car. Anyway. Yeah I'm ok just trucking along I guess
  3. Police don't solve problems they just keep the peace. My abuser is female too. Do they swear? Can you record everything they do and get a stalking order? That may not be useful either. Do you know about the gray rock method? It keeps phychos like them away.
  4. I'm so sorry:( verbal attacks like swearing is assault. Maybe you could call the police and say they are verbally assaulting me?
  5. This is the safest place to come for this stuff. I feel safer here than at a doctor or on the phone with a hotline. I feel I have to fight really hard to be an advocate for myself everywhere else but here it's really easy to get open supportive people. You are not crazy for wondering if it's safe to talk to a hotline or doctor. There is that possibility they could re victimized something stupid. You are just trying to protect yourself. I'm not trying to discourage you to reach out either. Just this post you made today will make you that much stronger.
  6. I relate to your name this place gives you a space to be! Welcome
  7. I would say (very casually like i didnt care) Hey remember when you used a mickey to drug me that one night? Hahhaha that was so crazy! (to try and get her to admit guilt) Oops not five words but genius
  8. I stuggle with feeling safe how do you feel safe how do you know
  9. Dear c You killed me
  10. Wish i never met you
  11. I hate finding out who people really are. If someone is a jerk id rather not know face to face. Anyone can get raped just like anyone can get their car stolen. But people blame the victim so much and have to me that it had broken me even more. Just treat me like i was shot in the chest. Bring me a great gift basket and help me recover. Dont say what where were you doing standing in front of that gun. Also it seems anytime i tell the person sexual abuses me further??
  12. I think you should break up with himnto show him you wont put up with people treating you like that. And put up that boundary. Once he realises you are gone for a bit, i bet he will be willing to talk. But you are probably betrer off without him
  13. If he doesnt want tontalk to you that is a huge sign younare in trouble. He doesnt want to hear your voice. Your voice is the most important thing.
  14. I cant go outside
  15. Y do u run universities