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  1. Hi Donna. I am sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. I hope you are able to find some comfort and safety today. Please know we are always ready to listen here with open ears and without judgement. We can also just sit with you if you would like some company Sitting with you too if that's okay?
  2. Hi Sev welcome to the site! Im very sorry for whatever trauma has brought you to this corner of the Internet but its good you have found a safe place to share your story and hear others too. I'm also new here but I'm sure many will warmly welcome you
  3. Thank you all so much. I'm sorry for the trauma/(s) you have all experienced to be here but I am grateful for such a supportive and understanding place to be able to encourage, share and listen. I'm not sure how to individually link you in the comment/reply but I'm sure I will figure that out as I go a long. Thank you all once again.
  4. Hey guys, like many here I am new. I've been reading through this site for the past month or so but have finally gained enough courage to say hello
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