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  1. What on my mind? Bloody spiders!!!

    Don't know what's going on but finding huge ones around the house!! So if I'm not already nervous and anxious already, the spiders are making me worse!

    This morning my son heard me screaming, (I've earth shattering screams when it comes to spiders) and he arrived into the kitchen holding his runner up to kill the spider. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! lol so I laughed! I had him already killed! Or down the drain in the sink.

    Literally check everywhere at night. Even my bed before I get in.

    I answered a post a few days ago about a wish list. I think I'll retract and say, I wish there were no spiders!!!!!! 

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    2. Irishgal8026


      When I complain about bugs, my family day, 'that's why there's spiders, to eat the bugs... ' as if they help!

      Yeah it's mating season now so they're out in their droves unfortunately.

      Keep your windows closed at night, and don't have lights on and windows open with the bugs... Not a fan of those either... 

    3. LuthienTinuviel


      follow the spiders why couldnt it be follow the spiders

      bloody hell

      tell those spiders ron.

    4. Irishgal8026


      lol no chance I'd follow them! lol

      Found another 3 today.. :cry::cry::cry:

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