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  1. How do I get a password for that area? Martika
  2. It's the not-having-to-say-the-words-because-its-known that is so amazing Martika
  3. Welcome You will be amazed at how 'liberating' it really is here Martika
  4. I look at these numbers of members, and I am amazed that there are so many that feel this 'this'. But at the same time, to see all these numbers is so sad that there are somany feeling 'this' I only wish that I had found this years ago. I have never felt so liberated and free of so many things..ever. I've accomplished more feelings of 'freedom' in just a couple days, than I have with years of counselling. Thank you, and hats off to you all Martika
  5. Hello From a newbie Martika
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