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  1. I dont know where to write this or what to really say to make any sense... i had to put more details on my already detailed submitted statement on friday and i had to ring the person that did things to me to see if anything he said could go towards my case, and when i rang somebody answered (and i am SO sure it was him) the detective told me he lived with his mum only. I asked for him and he asked who it was, i said my name, he asked where i was from and i said "i knew him growing up" and he replied "he doesnt live here bye" and hung up before i coulf say anything... after 12 years i thought t
  2. I honestly have no idea how to function anymore. I feel like I shouldnt even exist and the only reason im still around is my kids...sleep is such a big issue at the moment the second its dark im constantly panicked and I dont know what to do. I feel so alone and I cant talk to my friends or family... they wouldn't/dont understand. My best friend has been getting so angry and annoyed with me because I don't want to socialise. I dont know what to do
  3. I feel like I need to thank everyone on here haha ♥ its never been easy but im getting there
  4. Thankyou everyone. Its just going to take alot of determination. Because it happened so long ago and there's no evidence they want me to call him and they record it to try and get him to say something that can be used against him in court.. I dont know how I will be able to speak to him again
  5. Ive realized now that my boys are in bed and im sitting here on my own, im terrirfied. Its being investigated and I'm not close with anyone and im very closed off about talking to people about what happened.. i havent felt this alone since it happened to me...
  6. You sound like such a strong woman to pull through everything you already have. It can be hard to stand up against someone who has terrirfied you so much but you cant let him have power over you or he wins at the end of the day. You are worth it and once its all over if yougo through with it you willrealize this too xx
  7. Thankyou everyone for being so welcoming ... after 14 years i put in a statement today, it was almost unbearable but i think i need to do it to startmoving forward
  8. My names Kaitlyn. I'm not that great at introductions... I have 2 little boys and the past few months alot of old things have come back to the surface and trying to find support and other people with the same battle led me here..
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