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    baking (hence my username :), Spanish, social justice, singing, dog rescue.

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  1. Nothing is helping. I felt a bit better after writing yesterday and posting it here, but I am still in a pit. I am at work trying to avoid everyone so that I don't take it out on them. I left my anxiety meds at home...but what good would they do anyway? I feel more depressed than anxious. I wish I was home with my dogs. But even then, I am still suffering. I have no idea what to do. 

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    2. abhaya


      Oh, I hate having to pretend I'm okay when I am not okay.  I hope that you can do whatever it is that will help you feel cared for while still allowing you to feel however you're feeling.

    3. MeBeMary


      :hug:  Sitting with you. :throb:  

    4. Field8


      I’m sorry my friend. Sitting with you.

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