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    Reading, baking (hence my username :), becoming fluent in Spanish, social justice issues, singing, playing with my dog, Pepper, and fostering adoptable dogs.

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  1. His aunt was at the bank again. I was sitting on the couch waiting on the tellers to complete my deposits. I saw her across the way out of the corner of my eye. I was looking at my phone, so I just continued to do so. I didn't even acknowledge her, although I started to feel sick. I thought she would see me and leave, but she didn't. She pushed her janitor cart all the way across the lobby and walked right in front of me. I could see her continually glancing at me. I never spared her one. I kept texting, and the feeling of fear and helplessness went away. I thought, i don't have to be nice to her anymore. I don't have to be civil. If she addresses me, she'll wish she hadn't. And I felt completely different. Free and capable. Seeing his family is still repulsive, and a gut punch, but it was better. I put a look on my face that said, "Try me, b**ch." She kept walking and disappeared into the bathroom and I didn't see her again. 

    1. Kmkz


      Your strength and determination is amazing. So happy for you that you didn't let her get to you and the feelings caused by his family are improving.

    2. Ian37


      Amy, this is just getting to be absolutely ridiculous. I am so sorry that these wastes of space continue trying to confront you. Good for you for not engaging in what she was trying to start. You do not owe her nor anyone else anything at all. Life is simply way too short to go out of your way being nice to those who are always disrespectful who'll go to any lengths just to start some trouble.


    3. Iheartcupcakes


      Thank you @Kmkz. I appreciate that so much. I think it just hit me that I can be a b**ch to her and that's okay. I am always so focused on being nice, not making a scene, keeping the peace, etc. I was just like, you know what?? NO. I don't HAVE to be nice to her! It was really freeing. 

      @Ian37 It is. She had better stay away. I will continue to simply ignore her as long as she doesn't actively try to speak to me again.