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  1. Noob

    Hi Deadbolts! I am so sorry you were hurt. You didn't deserve it, and I wish it had never happened to you. You are not alone. We are here for you.
  2. Installment Two: The Party

    That woman is one I proudly love and call friend. You're amazing and I am so sorry.
  3. Here for myself and my daughter

    I am sure you will be of tremendous help to us We all give and receive, and that is how we support either other. I am so sorry to hear what you both have been through. I am glad to meet you, though
  4. Still feeling it after 9 years

    Hi Mel I am so sorry for what you endured. We are here for you.
  5. Newbie

    Speaking English as a second language is a badge of honor! English is not an easy language, and you speak another besides! That's awesome. No one will judge you here I am so sorry for what happened to you. Welcome to our community.
  6. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    I posted here way back when. Five new words... How is prison treating you? Is it worth it now? You awoke a sleeping dragon. You really f**ked up, Monster. I am stronger than you.
  7. No SSL cert on this Forum?

  8. "God don't like ugly!"

    I feel really badly for your sister. I've been there, just not with children. IMO she is better off without him, but like you said before, that's between the two of them. YES! They are not and he doesn't deserve that benefit.
  9. "God don't like ugly!"

    I will never understand people like that, friend. The other woman is the skank but not him? If he gets away from her he will find another. We all know that. Cheating is something inside the cheater and it has nothing to do with not being around one woman. If he wants to cheat, he will whenever, wherever. I am so sorry you have to put up with that. I am glad you stand your ground and protect yourself with that boundary. He doesn't deserve you or your peace.
  10. Hello Again

    Hey, Love! AS is lucky to have you.
  11. Getting ready for SAAM 2019! Teal nails done with the powder I collaborated on with a creator/business owner. It’s so special to me. #tealismypowercolor 



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    2. Whisper


      The necklace itself is nice. There is just something about the image of a chain around your hand and fingers in the context of SA that hits me wrong. Your nails say empowerment, but the chain makes me think of the opposite. No worries though because your nails are awesome and it's just a photo -- when you wear your necklace it is totally different. Also, it seems that nobody else is reacting to it as I did. Seems my brain often thinks the opposite of how everyone else's does.

    3. Iheartcupcakes


      I understand, @Whisper. I can see what you are saying. I am wearing it today so it looks better :throb:

    4. Whisper
  12. Making my father's cremation and burial at sea plans the last couple of days has been beyond hard. I wanted to help and asked to take this burden from my aunt. My father and other family lives in California and I am in Texas. I can't do much and I hate it. This aunt is his caregiver because of that. It was worse than I thought it would be. I have just been nauseated and sad. I know it's not SA-related although my father was abusive in every other way in my childhood. But I have tried to have a relationship in latter years and I do love him. It's bleeding into everything else. I feel like 36 is too young to lose a parent...and it hurts so much. 

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    2. Whisper


      I'm sorry you are hurting, Amy. Sitting with you. :comfort:

    3. Silentnomore5


      Hugs  if ok we are all here for u always

    4. Iheartcupcakes


      Thank you both :throb:

  13. "Demons"

    I am so sorry. I am happy that you blocked him so that it won't happen again. I can't believe your brother has not done the same. I know that hurts you. He isn't happy...I promise you that. Reading your description of his life tells me that.
  14. I’m sorry for being MIA lately. With the anniversary dates, falling on thanksgiving day no less, and the appeal possibly expiring or moving forward at the same time, I haven’t been much good to anyone, even myself. I just want you all to know how special you are to me and that I’m comitted and grateful for AS. 

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    2. MzKeys75


      Glad you’re feeling better. (((Hugs)))

    3. Iheartcupcakes
    4. lexip


      You have so much going on take care of yourself right now ❤️

  15. Appeal deadline is supposedly the 17th, which is a weekend so I guess it is the 19th. Five more days. Nothing has been done in a year. A year ago today, the court reporter finished compiling the transcript for the defense. They picked it up on 12/6/17 and that was it. I am afraid they will blindside me again like they did continually during the course of the hearings and fight to get to trial. I hope and pray it comes and goes without incident and that this will be truly over. I am going to email the prosecutor on 11/19 and ask if it is over. 

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    2. HiddenHeart


      Thinking of you tonight & hoping yesterday passed without anything being filed. 

    3. Hoping8


      Echoing @HiddenHeart.  I am thinking of you.

    4. Whisper


      Still thinking of you through your anniversary days. Sending strength.