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  1. Thank you all for your kindness its not easy to be accepting of kindness when you feel like you belong in the gutter but I keep going maybe it's meds emotional roller coaster otherwise. I have pm mary
  2. Thank you its a long road im on
  3. Hello im new and this my first post im 37 have a lovely 3yo lo and new out of a abusive relationship last attack was sexual. My head hurts with thoughts my heart is heavy and my frustration and anger seems to be self directed as disappointment at not having the courage to open my mouth when my neighbours heard assault and called the police. Ex was in the property at time and was asked outright by police in front of him I did the head shake and no reply police were disappointed and questioned what kind of relationship im in to which I told them to see themselves out I couldn't ex made it perfectly clear he had mates and even offered me to one of officers who was monitoring things in app whilst neighbours were questioned sad but true have sought legal representative and trying to carry on but some days hurt more than others would like to see a therapist as want this out if me and to process this in a healthy way thank you
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