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phoenix rising

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    Liverpool, UK
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    Writing (poetry/journals/professionally at times) music (listening and performing) nature (the high moors and beaches of South Devon are my home...have just moved back here after 5 years in heaven...)Psychology, counselling, life coaching, emotional literacy (have trained and am training in these - have a need to know what makes people tick as a result of my experiences) Zen meditation, spirituality (eclectic skeptic) horses, cats, flowers, art, clothes, cooking, beauty in all its forms...have just taken up egyptian bellydancing but stopped by shame...Still love people although I find it hard to trust them no matter how much they show me they care... Drama (it's good to pretend to be someone else sometimes) Am planning on taking up yoga!!

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  1. Hi! So glad you found this site. You''ll find a lot of support here. And I'm glad you're moving away! Blessings,
  2. Hi Dolphin Dancer, This site is wonderful! So glad you are here! Best wishes, Phoenix
  3. Hey Lisa, and welcome to AS! So glad you are here. Best wishes, Phoenix
  4. Hi Sullengirl, And welcome! I am so glad that you found this site. There is so much love and support here. Best wishes, Phoenix
  5. Welcome Traveller! May you find this a place to rest your burdens. *smiles also and touches head to the ground* -Phoenix-
  6. Hi everyone, I joined AS a few days ago and have replied to a couple of posts, but been too scared to introduce myself - and not quite sure how I too am 'glad and sad' to be here, and so grateful to you all. It feels truly wonderful to know that I am not alone, and to be part of such a wonderful community. I can really feel the love and empathy here, and it gives me hope. The sadness is that any of us have had to go through the pain and suffering that brought us here. X Alabaster Phoenix
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