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Secondary Survivors
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    Marin County
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    Yard work, Coffee with my beautiful Bride after kids go to school, My little dogs, and every dat I can come home with another day under our belt. I enjoy the very simple things, like making others smile.

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About Me

Wow!! where do I start?

My name is Mr.Pep  and I am a secondary survivor. I will start from the beginning. Met my wife and my best friend in Nov 91 I was in love with her very soon, I was barely getting by back then and I can see my chances were slim with her, She has a few things going that I lack, a new car, credit cards, and a college degree.  Divorce drugs and alcohol were my lessons from an abusive Mother.  So after meeting this girl my focus was never let her around my family of chaos and dysfunction. I was introduced to her family soon after we met., It didn't go well. My wife is 5'3 and shy, I am 6'6 280# and very friendly in a loud funny way, Mix in a Mother that speaks better Spanish than English and a retired Father who retired on a Medical leave with unimaginable burns on his hands and arms, so bad his fingers were bent in ways I've never seen.  When her Mom learned I was not college educated and paycheck to paycheck She was not in the least impressed.  These are people that saved and got by with one income and still got 2 into college with a 5th grade sister at home. When we were at her house I hung with her Dad. super nice, never judged me, He was an outside only smoker so that's where I'll be, out with him, even if I didn'nt smoke.  3 years later with little change we got married. 

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