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  1. Thank you is not enough. My eyes are watering because of your kindness. I am incredibly grateful I would this site.
  2. ive had a recent experience. i was with my boyfriend eating dinner & had a few drinks, we were talking with the locals. as we were leaving a round of drinks was bought for us so we decided to stay for a bit longer. i'm not sure how much time passed before i started to feel little woozy so i went to the restroom. the last memory i have is sitting down & then a guy from the bar offering me his hand. the staff at the hotel took me to my boyfriend. the next day i woke up confused because i was sleeping on the couch. i could only remember flashes from the night before but had a terrible pit in my stomach. as well as a black eye and sprained ankle. my boyfriend kept asking how i could leave with a total stranger and go to his room. it didnt make sense, that wasnt something i would do. i certainly didnt drink enough to black out, its like something stole a piece of my memory. a few days went by and my boyfriend called the hotel, its on camera of the man & me together in the middle of a hall. i cant even read the words as i type them. i went to the er and they performed a rape kit and toxicology. i thought date rape drugs made you unconscious, i didnt know you could still function. i also had a fractured rib. i know my boyfriend was a victim as well, he was the other part of the relationship. he said he doesnt know if he can get over it, it doesnt make sense to him. i feel very alone.
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