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    I've just got in from a particulary busy afternoon and night shift at a residential home, and have just read all the kind and caring messages from you all, thankyou for taking the time to reply They all meant so much to me and i look forward to speaking to you all in time. With love and kindness. Amber.
  2. Hi everybody, i'm new to all this, only had my computer for a few days, I would love to have people to chat to, but i'm very shy and nervous. Please be patient with me because i don't really talk about what happen to me, none of my friends or family know what happened to me(they wouldn't be very supportive anyway) It all happened when i was a child (i'm 30 now) but it still feels very new, I know i probably should have sorted it out or got over by now but i just feel weak sometimes, and i wish there was somebody i could talk to that understands, but i feel embarassed and ashamed, and i know that people will look at me differantly once they know, i don't want it to be the only thing they think aboout when they see me, its bad enough i have to think about it without dirtying somebody elses mind aswell. I would really appreciate it if somebody could reply. Iapologise for this msg being so long i just couldn't stop once i'd started. thankyou. amber.
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