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  1. Thanks Determined! That was beautiful Kitanah xoxox
  2. Kitanah


    Thank you everyone.
  3. Kitanah


    Hi Everyone I don't know if I should label myself as a survivor because I am mostly here to get help because I suspect my daughter is being sexually abused. I was molested twice by a old man who used to be our neighbour. I don't have much memory of it anymore and have put it behind me, so I chose secondary survivor. I don't know what to feel and think. I am going through so much at the moment deaing with emotional/verbal/physical abuse from my mother when I was a child, a divorce from an abusive, controlling ex, the recent violent death of my brother and trying to find out what is happening
  4. I am trying to get help for my daughter who I suspect is being abused. I was told to read the aftermath forum because it would give me more information.
  5. Can I please have access to the afermath forum, an attempt at trying to get help please? Thanks
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