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  1. Thank you for the kind and warm welcome.
  2. Thank you for the welcome. I want to make it clear my dad terrified me and nearly killed me on several occasions but he never sexualyl abused me. Others did that. One was a schoolteacher who was also a child pornographer. I was also stranger raped by a man in the jungle which was my playground for 5 years. <y mother would hit and was cruel but she was not ever abused by my dad. I knew this at age9 when whe was trying to stop him throttling me because then the neighbours would find out we were this perfect mid class family. She lived to clean and to wory what the neighbours thought. An examp
  3. Hi. I am a man of 58 years. I have struggled daily in my life to rid myself of my flaws that caused me to be abused. Then I had an epiphany in 07 and realised at gut lever that I had been abused because who my abusers were and not because of who I am. I had a violent father who never showed my anything but disgust. I was boy enough. as I grew it got worse and I much preferred girls for friends tho up till about 12 my bfs were boys. I travelled the world, always changing schools, always the new boy and always bullied. I only learned from all of this, my dad's growing violence too, was how
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