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  1. Many thanks Donna for such kind compliment. *touches head to the ground* many blessings and thanks for your greeting. Haullie thank you for suck kind welcome *touches her head to the ground* it is greatly appreciated.
  2. Welcomes you with a gentle smile. May you find what you seek and get what you need.
  3. Welcome to the board. May you find that which you seek
  4. Welcomes you with a gentle smile. May you find that which you seek
  5. Welcomes you to the site with a gentle smile.
  6. The beauty of a hello is in the promise of a new friend. This heart is also new, but welcomes you with the same mixture of joy and sorrow you feel. May the hand of joy caress your cheek. *touches head to the ground*
  7. *smiles and touches head to the ground* This heart thanks all who welcome her. A deeper touch she has not felt. May the sun sine in your rain always.
  8. This humble heart wishes only to greet you all. May all who read have joys un-numbered enfold their days and wisdom to their eyes to see it. *touching head to the ground* apologies if it is bad english.
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