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  1. child

    The case against me

    None of it is your fault Teleah. I promise. It was all her own fault. you didn't let her do anything. She took advantage of you. Safe hugs if okay. Sitting with you if okay.
  2. child


    here for you teleah... safe gentle hugs if okay... sitting with you...
  3. child


    Safe hugs if okay. Listening to you. Here for you.
  4. child

    When ?

    I don't know when Teleah but I am here for you. Sitting next to you if it is okay.
  5. child

    When He Left

    I am so sorry Teleah. I have no words but I am willing to sit here with you. Safe gentle hugs if okay.
  6. child


    I am so sorry. None of this was your fault. Safe gentle hugs if ok
  7. child


    I am sorry that you have had nightmares about your mom. giving you comfort and safe hugs if ok. hand you a teddy if that is ok
  8. child


    Teleah I understand words affecting. Sitting with you and giving you safe hugs if ok.
  9. child

    Happy Birthday to me

    (((((((teleah))))))) Sitting with you if that is okay.
  10. hello ohshemaybeweary and welcome to AS
  11. child


    Hello and welcome to AS
  12. child


    Hello noname92 and welcome
  13. hi lunarmoth and welcome
  14. Hello and Welcome paulinharincon
  15. Hello FacadeBroken this too is the first time I have joined an online group. Welcome here
  16. child

    New Here

    thanks everyone and reglois hugs are ok.
  17. Hello A little bit about me, I like to read, quilt and just help out others that I see are in need.
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