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  1. Nalin

    Why Me

    Yes I can completely relate to this. I did eventually marry and have children - sadly my marriage did not work out though. The feeling of being different, isolated, changed and apart from others really has never gone away though. I think that there are things that happen that change a person fundamentally. I refuse to believe it lessens us in anyway - but it does change how u see the world, how u relate to it and have you u respond to every person for the rest of your life. But there are many people who feel this way, many people who have suffered in similar ways. So none of us are alone and m
  2. Nalin

    Educating Others

    I like the analogy that these types of traumas cause a wound to your soul. Like Frodo's wound if you know Lord of the Rings. The wound can do some healing, and you may experience relief, but the wound will always remain a part of you. It is like nothing else in life. And I do not think that anyone who has not received such a wound can truly understand. I do think that there is enough information out there for people to at least be able to be sensitive and supportive and to gain a basic understanding that these types of experiences are not something that u can just go 'oh hey yeah, that old thi
  3. Hello there - I am new too. I love your quote - Always have hope because the next moment can be better.
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