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  1. I dyed my hair today! I had been thinking of trying out a different hair colour for a while now, since black does get boring after a while I find. My hair is now dark-blue at the top, slowly going into a lighter blue at my hair ends.
  2. Originally from South-Korea. I don't really want to say where I am now though.
  3. Bought new make-up and made myself all pretty for work today.
  4. I made some croissants from scratch for breakfast, with freshly squeezed orange juice. It was delicious.
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome! It is good to find a place so welcoming and supportive!
  6. Hello! I am new here, so I figured I'd say hi! While I am doing pretty well in getting my life in order, sometimes I do feel the need to talk, so I stumbled upon this place. I hope I will be able to help and support others in return! Everyone deserves to be happy after all! Have a fantastic evening!
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