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  1. Hello Sjp, I am just as new, I am here for anyone, as anyone here for me! Welcome! Nice to meet you too ;)
  2. What a warm, friendly atmosphere! Thank you AS!

  3. Hello Ally, Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help, inspiring words and guidance! Means a lot right now!
  4. Wow ... Thank you! Let me just wipe these happy tears away! What an inspiring and welcoming message! I feel very grateful for being here and I look forward to the moment when all sadness within me vanishes!
  5. I am sorry I missed it, being new I do have a few questions and still not 100% how everything works although I am trying to read all the forum posts :-)
  6. Thank you very much Mary, I truly appreciate your kind words. Hopefully soon I will find my voice soon again.
  7. I would just like to say hello and that I am new here, seeing I am not a talker I am hoping that I will be able to eventually open up and talk more. Just from reading a few forums already, I feel a very warm and friendly atmosphere.
  8. Hello Samanthakay, I am also new to this site and feel very much with you! The people on these forums seem very supportive and kind!
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