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  1. HappinessIS1welcome ! I am a newcomer as well, joined the site just recently. I too have the feelings of not having a voice, and I have surprised myself by reaching out and asking for support through the personal messages. It is amazing what writing can do for us who don't have a voice. There are no eyes looking at you, just your computer screen, Hopefully that helps you as it helped me. Not to mention this site is a blessing with just a bunch of people who are supportive and actually care about what happened to you and not to mention are willing and able to help you. You did it, you found hel
  2. Continued support, really this site is a blessing, I don't sleep at night so after a bunch of tossing and turning and sleeplessness its so amazing to wake up to positive messages like these. I appreciate you all. thank you
  3. We never know what another person is going to do. DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. you have done nothing wrong !!! You will "get over it " when you are good and ready. There are no two finger prints the same, which means there are no two people the same. You heal the way you need to heal, If you need someone to talk to , I am here and I will never tell you , you will get over it soon .
  4. this is truly something . thank you for your expressiveness and openness. Its the ones who cared about us and hurt us that makes us feel the most broken. We may all be broken but we are not alone . you are not alone.
  5. wow just the simple response you made, just made a world of difference to this night. I have been reading posts all night and just decided to post, you simple kindness warmed my heart. thank you
  6. When I was 15 I was a sophomore in high school. I was also wearing a purity ring. I started talking to an older guy in my school. We started to hang out, and he seemed really okay with the fact that I was prepared to save myself for marriage. How naive am I ? A senior who goes after a sophomore and is OK with not having sex. Well just to prove me wrong, after he got to know me, let me trust him, got to know my parents and my friends and them to trust him he took it. He stole my virginity. wow writing this has been hard. I have written this down for me, for my personal healing. BUT never for
  7. I am a double survivor. I am new to this site, I am looking for direction and support. Not sure if this was the correct way to post. Thanks for this amazing site .
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