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  1. Where To Begin

    Welcome, here&now! There are lots of people here who have been in tough places, and are here to support each other as we heal. You can go at your own pace- at AS there are friends and support for you every step of the way. Emily
  2. New To As

    Ace, Welcome to AS. I hope you find healing and support here. Emily
  3. Hi, I'm New

    Welcome paganini, Everyone could use a little extra Paganini from time to time. I hope you find the comfort you're looking for at AS. Emily P.S. I'm a fellow lover of learning, and a violinist too!
  4. Just Signed Up...

    Welcome, Scholar. You can go at your own pace here, and there are so many loving people ready to listen & support. Hugs, Emily
  5. Hello

    Kaitlynn, Welcome to AS. I hope you find encouragement here on your journey to healing. ~Emily
  6. New...

    Vision, Welcome to AS. This is a place where sharing isn't weakness, it is strength. I hope you find some comfort here. ~Emily
  7. A New Survivor

    Welcome atchafalaya. You've got support here. Em
  8. Can't Change Avatar

    Mine won't upload either. I tried jpeg.
  9. Newbie Here

    Kel~ I'm glad you found AS, I'm new too. From your post I can tell you are a strong woman & your have been through a lot.... Come on in, at your own pace. Welcome! Em
  10. Newbie

    Well, everything has hit fast and I'm still reeling....and although people around me have been supportive, I know they can't understand because they've never had it happen to them ...that's why I was so glad to find AS. Just being able to identify with all the people on here helps a lot, just reading, and you know what I'm going through (and often lots worse).....I just really really hope there is healing out there for me too. .....its only been 2 1/2 months and there is so much raging in my head. Em