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  1. Hello.I'm new too, but I think we belong here, just like you. queenblue
  2. You sound so upbeat. Good to be on the journey with you. This is my first day. queenblue
  3. Hi, you sound like a courageous person. May all your dark alleys become beacons that light to healing for you. queenblue
  4. I hope your pain will fade and YOUR star of peace will be reachable. queenblue
  5. Hi and welcome. I'm new too. It helps not to feel alone, even on the web. Hope you find the connections you need. queenblue
  6. Hello pumpkin. I understand that "lost" feeling. By sharing that, you've already helped me, a new member. Thank you. queenblue
  7. queenblue

    New Here

    Hi, I'm new too. Like what you wrote, because I feel similar.
  8. Thank you for the welcome.It's a relief to find a place of peace for sharing.
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