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  1. I was honest with people who want to help me or at least care about how I feel. I accepted hugs from one safe person and one probably safe person and nothing terrible happened. That hugging thing might be ok...in small doses
  2. Tale, my mother is alot like yours, so I definitely know how hard that can be.
  3. My friend, Amy, said this when we were talking in the car awhile back. Amy: "So did you ever *insert possibly triggering term for oral sex* him?" Me: "No. Well, kinda. I freaked out." Amy: "Why?" Me: "You know why." Amy: "Oh, because of that whole thing with you being raped and all?" Yeah. Thanks Amy.
  4. Dear me, Hang in there. If you need to try to do that thing, try. F*ck what your mother says, she's not the one who's been thru your life and she gets no say whatsoever now. Me.
  5. I hear that fairly frequently or "You should have bitten it off! You had power." oh, right, because he wouldn't have hurt me at all if I'd hurt him. Yup.
  6. From my mother, in front of a bunch of random people and my brother, "I know you're doing with that security guard, you sl*t!" From my friend, "I don't want to hear about it." From the brother of a guy I dated after I told him, "Well, did you learn from it?" everytime I tried to explain it to him, he'd ask that and no matter what I said, he'd say, "Then you don't need to talk about it anymore." I started telling someone I used to be friends with about it, saying, "Something happened to me and I really need to talk about it." She completely ignored me and started talking to the people we were sitting with about anime. From my mother, about molestation, "It's not molestation if someone's not disabled and they're over 10. They can fight, they just don't want to." There's more I can't remember right now, but my mother is the queen of insensitive comments for sure.
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