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  1. trying to find my way here....welcome and good luck.
  2. hey, how does one get into the 'chatroom' please????

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    2. mary1887


      okay.  why don't you ask then.  and i'll ask too.  thank you for your support to this room problem.

    3. patriciag


      I will leave them a message, take care

    4. mary1887
  3. mary1887

    Family Drama

    that is great about the boyfriend and if that were me, i would just keep a list of the good things in my life, and the good things about your bf. limit ties with your family, or, move out, or, get a door from the outside with a lock that lets you in to your room only, so that you two don't have to go thru the house itself. i have the SAME problemo with people hating my guts because of my boyfriend. oh, they are so f***ing jealous and covet him as way to pacify their feelings. we are at the phenomena level of jealousy. they look at me with such critical stares and then make
  4. mary1887


    i love poetry and i love your poem. thank you so much for sharing this.
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