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  1. Thank you everyone! I've been looking around the site and I think, for me, there are definitely some dark alleys I can get lost in, but there are also some wonderful conversations about healing. The dark alleys are part of the recovery process and I in no way mean to belittle those who are in that place. I just think that I need to be careful to keep moving forward, because I've tackled many of my dark alleys and want to keep tackling them rather than let myself return. Hopefully I can help some others find their way out of their own alleys, too.
  2. Hey Everyone! Looking forward to this support system. I think this is a hard topic to talk about to people who haven't been through the same thing. I know not to share my story here, but suffice to say, 2 years later I don't feel like I'm as over it as I "should be". I know that's not a thing. It takes however long it takes, but apparently I don't believe myself. So thank you in advance for your help, and I hope that I can be helpful to some of you. Jerseygoeswest (Trying to fix my username too... haha)
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