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  1. Thank you all for the welcome. Much appreciated. bruised
  2. Here are 2 unrelated to abuse, but I'm sure you'll appreciate them anyway... I saw a female therapist for 3 years, and after coming through a particularly difficult period of 3-4 months and being suicidal essentially the whole time, I questioned her one day about why she never once followed up on it when I spoke of being suicidal. I know that there were questions that should have been asked, and this, combined with a couple other events, made me wonder about her competence. When I asked, there was silence. So I asked if it was because she didn't believe me. Her response? "You're here, aren't you?" Guess that answered my competency question. I saw her one more time to verbalize my unhappiness with her quality of therapy and quit. Years ago in a conversation with a few females about children, I responded to a question, revealing that I couldn't have children. Someone said how easy it must be for my husband and I to take vacations without school interfering. bruised
  3. Hi there Ihavemadeit, Thank you for the welcome, also. My psychiatrist unintentionally stirred things up with a simple question a couple of weeks ago and suddenly I was no longer numb. There are too many half-thoughts and so many emotions and the result is chaos, which I don't do well. I think I would rather get sick publicly on a roller coaster. bruised
  4. Hi Koby, Thank you for the welcome. I really like your username, and then I saw the avatar. Adorable! I was just now wondering if it's cool to use pics of little ones as our avatar - thanks for inadvertantly answering! bruised
  5. Hi, Darnit, sitting here 15 mins trying to figure out what to say. There's just too much and it's all interconnected so I can't discuss one issue without including others. My life has hit bottom in every aspect I can think of, including beliefs I've based my life on regarding how the universe operates. I do however, still trust that the sun rises in the east. I guess what I'm hoping to find here more than anything is unequivocal compassion. I'm a strong person, but more often than not in the past few months I've felt raw, tender and bruised - as if even a simple glance would physically hurt. Glad to be here. bruised
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