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  1. SamSam45

    Educating Others

    I think people who haven't been a victim of some type of abuse, think it's like high blood pressure....just take a pill for it.....get over it, move on....... What the world does not understand is this is our minds...we can't shut them off, trade them in, or paint over the blackness. I feel like if I tell someone I was sexual abused, it's like they just heard me ask for a cup of coffee.....they will never get it till it happens to them.
  2. SamSam45

    Happy Endings?

    I understand the feeling of not being seen and then all of a sudden you are seen....I don't know how to handle it and I'm married. It seems my husband never saw me till someone else did, now I can't stop these feelings and guilt is the worst. You are not alone. I hope you find your happy ending.....I'm trying not to destroy mine.
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