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  1. After feeling lost and confused , and overwhelmed with anxiety i decided to start working on this workbook that my psychologist suggested. Im only on page 50 and i feel like it has helped me so much. If only i would of listened and tried working on this before. Its called finding life beyond trauma : also going to try another book called trusting after trauma : relationships after trauma 

  2. Quote

    The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, But a reality to be experienced - Zen Saying 


  3. you are great with words, thank you for your support and post
  4. First of all you need to take a step back and tell yourself that this anxiety and the feelings you are experiencing are normal. I too went through drug rape situation as well three years ago. I understand the feelings of not being able to control the anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes the anxiety is so strong the thoughts keep running and running and running to no end. I then mentally freeze and shut everyone out close to me i start over analyzing even situation with my boyfriend , i immediately think whats wrong with me am i crazy? Unfortunately this is something we will prob have to deal
  5. Survivor5430

    trigger calendar

    I hate when this happens. I can go months on end feeling fine but anytime leading up to the date of the assault or the time period of the court date, i get sick, depressed, unexplained anxiety, the feeling of constant panic, fear of not being about to control my emotions, it can even be a month before the assault date and i start getting nightmares , agitation, its so hard still trying to figure out solutions and tips when this comes about. Hang in there , it helps knowing its not abnormal to experience these feelings
  6. Survivor5430

    Do you remember?

    Just from experience whether i want to remember good or bad memories during the time period that the abuse had occurred, i have found that by going through old pictures or just by reminiscning, on old times brings me back to old memories. For example as i was moving out of my childhood home i stumbled among an old teddy bear( there was a reason this teddy bear was stashed away I'm guessing) i immediately got a sense of fear, sadness, hopelessness, nauseated feelings all at once. It brought back the memory of that day i got that bear, it was given to me by my offender( he had used it as bribe)
  7. Excited to try something new and to meet others who have has similar experiences it is so nice to have an outlet, i am finding that over time things don't always get better mentally if you don't focus on the true pain and insecurities that form over the years  , i have tried counseling and where as i did feel like it helped over time i felt like i was just explaining myself,to someone who truly had/has no idea the pain you feel , and the frustration that accumulates overtime , hoping that this outlet will help me find some answers . solutions, and just tips on how to overcome the battles we face even years after something so traumatic.

    1. tm2566


      Welcome Survivor! :wave: I hope you find that AS will be a good outlet for you as well. I have gotten lots of wonderful tips and advice here and hope the same for you. :) 

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