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  1. Gosh! I feel quite loved and glad I could make some of you smile with my username many laughs ahead (I hope!)!!
  2. Jus95, Trust me I've had some weird reactions to that username! But I'm glad it made you laugh! It's a combination of usernames I've gotten over the past. For some strange reason, I picture it to be a taco standing up going "rwarrr!" I feel compelled to try draw it haha! And thank you Mary
  3. Heya, I'm Babytacosaurus Female From Australia (no I don't have an accent haha) and I'm 24. I got recommended to this site ages ago by a good friend but never had the guts to have a look at it, it was always an 'I'll do it later' thing. But latley I've been struggling deep down with my past and all that's happened in my life and struggling big time for support as the support I've had; for example my psychologists havnent been helping over the years! So I hope I can make a few friends, share my story and get to know a few of you
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