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    dancing and permaculture. One day I'd like to have a moderate piece of land to live in a respectful zero waste way.

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  1. So sorry about your family. I'm a dancer, too. It does help. Keeps me more even when it comes it substance use. I was sexually assaulted multiple times as an adult, no doubt my fault doing "sex work light". When I told my family what a particular family member had done, one that was known to offend against children and adults, yet was protected from ANY consequences, they expressed great skepticism because of my age. My mom also didn't believe me about my adult rape. Only when psychiatric symptoms landed me in the hospital did my mom express any regret on not believing me. Secrets are
  2. People deeply traumatized as children are great actors. I'm here for you, my inbox is open. Hard as it is, as we tend to be people pleasers, ignore adversity and do whatever you have to do to have the life you deserve. I believe in you.
  3. There are no words to adequetly describe what this kind of betrayal does to your soul, I feel for you and hope you find the help you need, within and from others.
  4. Oh yes, do I know that feeling. Some days/weeks are worse and some are better. I am very sorry for the loss from this violence against you. I do not know you, but I sense that you will find your strength and hope. From your username, I'm guessing you are 27? At 27 I was a train wreck and diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. My 30s are no less painful, but I've found hope and coping strategies and goals that keep me kinda in line, especially after correct diagnosis of dissociative subtype of PTSD (C-PTSD is not "officially" recognized). I didn't stay in therapy long enough for them to deter
  5. Hi, I hope I can be helpful and understanding and be offered the same in return. It's hard being rejected when people you thought were friends ignore you after you reveal your experiences. Not sure if it is because of their own demons they don't want to face. Not all my friends have been like that, some are supportive, it's hard enough to put it all into words. "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." ~ Victor Hugo is so true. I trust so little, an anonymous forum like this feels safe. Plus psychiatric help is WAY too expensive. I come f
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