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  1. What happened wasn't your fault. You did not deserve to be taken advantage of in that way. I'm sorry for your suffering. It is possible to seek help and begin to heal. The Rape and Incest National Network has a list of crisis centers across the US where survivors of rape/sexual abuse/sexual assault can receive counseling. https://rainn.org/get-help

  2. Welcome! You belong here, and we are glad that you found us. We support your journey for healing. You are free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable. As Mary said, there are male members here, and we treasure their presence as we do that of all AS members. 

  3. Welcome to AS, Randi. I can relate to not really being able to talk fully with in person friends/family. And, I also understand about bottling things up. I just started to deal with my childhood sexual abuse two months ago after 30 years of denial. And, I just started to deal with my sexual assault last week after not realizing it was sexual assault for over 20 years. So, I get it. Glad you made it to AS. I hope that this is a healing space for you.

  4. Hi, Darren. You are welcome here. I too was sexually abused at age 9. So, I know what a vulnerable time that is and how being abused at that age can leave a lasting mark. I'm glad that you found us and have a supportive therapist. 


  5. Welcome to AS. Sounds like you are ready to do another piece of healing work, and that's awesome. Our minds only allow us to handle what we can when we can. Sometimes we can't deal with everything at once or at the time it happens. I know that I didn't. When we are ready to process a piece of trauma we do. We do what we can when we can. Hope that this is a turning point for you in your deeper healing. 

  6. Hi, Jumpy. Welcome to AS. There is nothing you have to "do." Healing is a process, and it's different for everyone. Do you have a therapist or any in person support to help you process this? Dealing with buried trauma is not easy. I'm dealing with my childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault now after thirty years. The pain doesn't go away unless you work through it, and even then, it not like it never happened. But, as I said, it's different for everyone. I'm at the beginning of my healing journey too. If you are looking for counseling resources, you may want to check out the Rape and Incest National Network or the organization 1in6, which helps male survivors specifically.



  7. Hi, Michele. I know that joining a message board can seem overwhelming. There is no pressure. When I first joined the board I would sign in anonymously from time to time and just read other people's posts. That went on for six months. Then, I decided to post for the first time. And, it's been an important part of my healing journey. All that to say, there is no "right" way to do this. It's whatever is right for you.


  8. You don't have to be "over it." It takes as long as it takes, and everyone is different. I'm sorry for what you've been through. But, I hope that you find what you need here at AS.


  9. Hi, Jessica. I'm glad that you found this community. I'm so sorry that you have suffered so much. Your experiences are valid. You were r*ped, and you didn't deserve it. It wasn't your fault.

    A lot of survivors, including me, struggle with trust. It can be hard to open up, and when you do sometimes people don't understand. Depression is also common. I hope that you find support here. If you are looking for counseling resources, the Rape and Incest National Network (https://rainn.org/) has a list of r*pe crisis centers across the U.S. If you're not in the U.S., RAINN should be able to provide you with some information about international r*pe crisis resources. 


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