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    If Teddy bears could talk, what would they say?
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    working with children (teaching)<br />my cats<br />writing

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  1. Thanks tired, love the dancing banana
  2. Thanks for the welcome I really appreciate it, makes it a little bit easier to feel comfy when your new Heather...
  3. Thanks all for your replies they are greatly appreciated
  4. Hey everyone, I became a member here a while ago, but I do not even think at that time that I posted a hello I am new message! I have been really struggling since signing in here, and have also had a number of medical concerns and have seen the inside of many hospital rooms and drs rooms so have had little time to do much else. Also has been tramatic as they have been concerns which bring up yukky stuff from the past! I am not up to writing much about myself at the moment, sorry, I will one day when I feel a little bit more like myself, but I am a susvivor of abuse as a child and an adult. Thanks Heather...
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