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  1. well im kind of back. it has been hard for me to come here sometimes. emotionally.

    i might not be on here everyday because of coursework but i will still be here.

    i used to be nightbird for those who dont remember who exactly i am.

  2. :triggering::triggering:

    my dad said something triggery: "wouldnt it be funny if i cut your throat?" and then he moves the knife near my neck.

    so maybe he was joking i just am scared of knives so bad. because of my experience and SI as well.

    my mom just ten minutes ago "it is rare a christian woman ever is raped. and there are children who are molested. i dont know why you are complaining. God protected you from all that"

    im so sad lately.

  3. my dad as he was driving me to work

    "you are so ungrateful, people have been through worse than you have" :cry

    my dad doesnt know i was abused at all and maybe you say i should tell him but if you had my dad. you wouldnt tell him either.

    he only knows about sexual harrassment i been through which was recently like a month ago. and he said that i was teasing them and stuff.

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