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  1. i have been in a month long depression and nothing can help me out of it.

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    2. BabyDeepBlue


      @LuthienTinuviel It could be that it really didn’t happen to her or she is in denial. Either way, the problem is hers even if she does think you’re lying. 

      I have a bad habit of reading too much into things. I am not anywhere as bad as I use to be, but I still do it from time to time. 

      You just have to find a way somehow to try not to let things get to you like this. You have to find a way to be able to tell when the problem or problems are someone else’s and not yours even when it does involve you. A person’s reactions or opinions tell their true character.

      Remember opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one. :) Hope I at least got a small laugh on that one! :supacool::hug:if ok. 

    3. LuthienTinuviel


      yes. to me just cos it didnt happen to her shouldnt make it that i am lying :(


      :hug: thnak you. thinkin gof you. :)

    4. BabyDeepBlue


      I agree! :)

      You’re welcome pretty lady! Remember that, too! You are a beautiful lady! :hug:

      Thank you, too! :wave:

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