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  1. i dont know much about the kavanaugh issue or if the woman is lying or not but im finding more and more people who dont believe her. it is scary because i feel like they rarely do and back with the cosby case people were saying all sorts of things like why did they wait xx amount of time? they never came up with new questions. but its triggering and exhausting for me. people who dont know me on my facebook page will argue with me because they feel superior. if i didn thave my music page or pokemon go i would be rid of facebook

    1. Capulet


      I hear ya.  The thing about 'waiting too long' really hits me in the feels, too.  For what it's worth, I wholeheartedly believe Blasey Ford.  I KNOW and UNDERSTAND why she held her silence and don't believe she should be chastised or judged for it, especially because she chose to speak of it now.  Perhaps she wasn't ready before, but is ready now - that seems to be what we, as survivors do - we deal on our own terms.  I'm just avoiding the whole thing (ignoring Facebook newsfeed debates, watching news on TV, that kind of thing) because right now, all I can think about is: not only did I wait too long - I'm STILL in many ways silent about my own situation.  I never publicly spoke of or brought attention to what happened to me...and just knowing and hearing about all the crap that is being thrown at this poor woman does not do my heart any good and makes me feel that I wouldn't be heard if I chose today to break that silence.

      Hang in there.  We all just have to stick together.  :throb:

    2. LuthienTinuviel


      someone attacked me on facebook because they think they are an authority of molestation and rape just cos of their granddaughter went through it. i am a woman who has pretty good reasons not to report. i didnt tell her i went through it and dont tell everyone. but it was pretty damn hurtful that she said that her granddaughter was the only one that matters and stuff. shes the one who brought it up and invaded her granddaughters privacy

    3. JaxH


      I had to forcibly control myself at the gym today. My workout partner was going on about how all of these women are lying. It didn't help that Fox News was playing in front of me. I wanted to shove her off the treadmill and yell at her. It must be nice to have never had a man abuse or coerce you into something. 

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