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  1. i dont know much about the kavanaugh issue or if the woman is lying or not but im finding more and more people who dont believe her. it is scary because i feel like they rarely do and back with the cosby case people were saying all sorts of things like why did they wait xx amount of time? they never came up with new questions. but its triggering and exhausting for me. people who dont know me on my facebook page will argue with me because they feel superior. if i didn thave my music page or pokemon go i would be rid of facebook

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    2. LuthienTinuviel


      yes it is nice. i am jealous of them all the time. i always felt tainted and ugly because of it....

    3. CrimsonRegrets


      Yeah i know i'm getting exhausted by it all too. I really don't understand these people that just assume she's lying. I mean yeah there is a possibility she is because it unfortunately does happen sometimes but those people are in the minority.

    4. LuthienTinuviel


      this case is strange. there are more people who think tehre is evidence against this woman. and this is ok. i dont care. what i do care about is how people became so much know it alls about it and chose to hurt people they barely know :'(

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