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  1. I have been w@liking around numb and confused. When is things going to ease up.

    Then wolah. A switch has been flipped and I'm walking going through everyday things just like a puppet.

    I have a great husband. Great kids. A home food. I'm sorry I am trying I am here but in body. That seems to be enough for now. But my life is going bye. When will I feel again. When will I desire again.

    Dream.... Normal.  

    I gotta go I'm not ....

  2. my 9 year old is easier to talk to than my other two or my husband. But I am very careful what I say. She is very insightful. I am new to this kinda. Mean i have always noticed but never talked to them till three weeks ago or less. I do not even know some of there names there seems to be two I for sure notice over all but one that I am unaware of. I mean I will be blank trying to figure out what I just did. This is confusing.

    1. josiel


      I will send you a pm if that's ok. Josie :hug:

    2. josiel


      Oops...I tried sending you a pm but was unsuccessful...not working.  Will try again tomorrow.  Need to get some :sleepy:

    3. Donnna


      I found a care positions



  3. looking for multiple personality anything really.


    1. fallenstar


      HI Donnna, what would you like to know? I have this so maybe I can help?

    2. Donnna


      I just was introduced sorta speak two my other fragments of me that make me.

      does this make sense to you


    3. Donnna


      can you have this happen out of nowhere well i triggered it when stone showed up.


  4. I have not been on here for a while now and I seem to have shifted in personally. It has been six months ago I acknowledged I am the person I have been talking talking about. I am sorta out f control. I am grounded for several days now but I am so scared of loosing all of my last 15 years with the man i love. I need him like I need air. He helps me through my darkest moments be is always there.

    oh sorry I was wondering how this site works its not how it use to be. I can not seem to get around or find anyone I talked to. I was happy i found you. How are you by the way.

    1. chant2012


      Hello and thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear you're struggling. Feel free to send me a PM. Would love to talk :) 

  5. the forum is so different now


  6. I am experiensing dissociation

    1. Donnna


      when I talk about my past trammas its like i am talking about someone else.

    2. fallenstar


      I have this same experience

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