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  1. that was really touching, you will find her again, with a deeper appreciation, compassion and sensitivity. sending you love
  2. Hey, judging by your picture, you are gorgeous woman with a shining heart, it sounds so hard to have had such an upbringing where you are not appreciated, feeling like the outsider in your own family and suffering through continual affirmation that you are somehow "not as important" its utter crap, your inner child.. I have had similar struggles a super star older brother who was moms perfect angel while mom always abused me for being what I see now as a curious kid and experiential learner... a bit different, but your story touched me and I can really feel your pain, you have a good heart for helping your parents now that you are in a position to, I hope you have found people that do love affirm, and appreciate you like you deserve, remember that you are wonderful and the source of all love loves you so discover just how much you can love yourself better than those jerks ever could!
  3. paigem1780


    You two are so brave, I am so sorry to hear that that happened to you, I empathize a lot and have a similar experience, love to you both
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