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  1. I keep seeing many posts being looked over that seem pretty dire, but ranting posts about minor grievances (traffic, annoying coworkers, the weather, etc.) are able to generate a sizable thread. What is the point of going onto a support site that promotes healing when 30-60+ people are just going to read what you have to say and move on like there are better things to invest their time in? 

    1. reglois


      These threads, ie venting, weather and several others are ongoing, if you look at the start date you will see that they were started, some times years ago. hence the heavier traffic and we all need a place to just vent, just talk in general terms about life. .  As regards other posts, people offer support where they think they can help, in being supportive, no answer but understand or answer because they know something about the problem and can offer advice.

    2. fallenstar


      I know what you mean, ElociN, I completely understand where you are coming from. 

      I wish certain threads would receive more replies, too. 

      Thank you for bringing this up and saying what I'm sure others feel and notice, too. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know. I hope that you are receiving the support you need here.

  2. Logging in today: "Oh thank god, they finally updated the site!"

    Minutes later: "Where the hell is everything...?"

  3. Always a struggle in knowing when to breath and let go for your mental health, and when to indulge your inner demons for just a little bit.

  4. ALMOST had a good day.

  5. There aren't any crisis or rape centers where I live, so finding support other than having a group of friends is impossible at the moment. Well, I'm introverted so the anonymity of the internet is something I'm far too familiar with and this is far better than having to deal with my trauma by stubbornly muscling my way through it. I hope I can find the healing I need and fit in here. :3 I just wish the site would let me upload some photos...
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