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  1. Hi, and welcome. Take your time, ok? Ash
  2. Welcome! I'm sorry that you need to be here and for the reasons that brought you here but I'm glad you are here. Ash
  3. todlyn, It's been somewhere around 40 years since ... ash
  4. Ash.....


    Hi, it's nice to meet you! Ash
  5. Hi, Broken, and welcome. I'm glad you're here. Ash
  6. Hi, JayRay, and welcome! And I tried to deal with everything on my own for awhile, too. Like you, I found it didn't work. This is a great step for you! Ash
  7. Hi, Amanda, I'm glad you're here. Jumping in is sometimes best even though it's scarey. I know you know that but take your time and get comfortable. It's ok. You did fine! Ash
  8. Ash.....


    Hi, Tiana, I'm glad you're here. Ash
  9. Hi, SG, and welcome, it's nice to meet you. Ash
  10. Welcome! It's good to meet you and I'm glad you're here. Ash
  11. Welcome! It's good to meet you! Ash
  12. Ash.....


    Glad you're here, Verity, and welcome! Ash
  13. Hi, Zeek, and welcome. I think you'll find this to be a gentle place. Ash
  14. hi, Will, and welcome! Ash
  15. Hi, Lily, and welcome! I have a cat, too! I really like your username! Ash
  16. Welcome, silent ones! We're dissociative, too although nobody in here wants to believe it's DID yet ... Ash
  17. Phoenix, you did just great! I, too, am both glad and sad you are here. But since you are, welcome! Ash
  18. Hi, FT, your English is good, I understand! And welcome! Ash
  19. Hi, Meaning, and welcome! Ash
  20. Welcome -- and being scared is normal here! Ash
  21. Hi, Ace, and welcome. You're among friends here. Ash
  22. Hi, Charlene, I haven't been here for very long so I didn't know you from before. So welcome back! Ash
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