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  1. Hello everyone, my first post here. I guess I have a fair bit in common with most people here, shame it can't be more pleasant. But at least I know that there is support here when I require it. I am currently awaiting a call back from police - they are preparing to take an official statement in regards to a sexual assault I experienced nearly three years ago. Its not the first time I have been asaulted - I was assaulted when I was eleven, and again when I was seventeen, but this last time has made me decide that enough was enough. I don't have parental support for the simple reason that I haven't yet told them. I don't think I can trust them, as sad as that sounds. I have support from my martial arts instructor, though, and my counselor, which is something. I wil probably have a few questions to ask, mainly in regards to the way I am feeling, but I am sure that many others will be feeling the same emotions as I. Cheers.
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