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  1. I found the courage to tell 4 of my siblings last weekend. All on the same day. It reduces the heavy weight on my shoulder and I feel lighter.  I was afraid that they could blame me or get angry with me for burdening them with this. But they didnot.  Someone here says We can only stand in our own truth.  I hope you can feel comfortable to tell when you are ready. It's not easy. My siblings had questions afterwards. Someone here also said start the conversation with " I need to tell you this because I need your support."  I hope you'll get the right reactions and the support that you need.  

  2. Hi Lauren, also seeking help for the 1st time. Welcome.
  3. From one new member to another- Welcome BlueCanvas. I felt alone, too until I joined here very recently. I hope you are already feeling the support. We can be strong together. You can do it!
  4. Thank you guys. I hope to 'see you around'.
  5. Thank you Reglois and CrushedFlowers. I am ready to heal.
  6. Hi guys, I am seeking help for the 1st time for what happened to me when I was little. I am a female, in my late 30's. I am looking for a place where I feel belonged. So Here I am. My first post was ' Greetings/ Why I am here', it has been moved to the Share Your Story section. Azat
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