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  1. Hey Skittles and Bugs (what an interesting name!)

    I am a college kid, too..and I know how incredibly hard it is to deal with the demands of school and work AND sexual abuse. It can seem unsurmountable at times, but we are here for you!! We WILL get through this TOGETHER.

    Feel free to message me anytime.


  2. Hey Bluest Jewel.

    I just joined yesterday, and I can empathize to some extent with what you have said. Sexual abuse is so very personal, as opposed to physical abuse..In my mind, because I think it holds a bigger impact because our sexual selves are so connected with our emotions. Its easy to cover a bruise with some foundation, but even harder to manage the adverse psychological effects of sexual abuse. At least, that has been my experience.


  3. Hello, my name is Nikki and im 14 years old. My counciler told me to find somewhere where I can express what happened and why it still effects me but I don't think i'm ready. But I have been viewing yoursite and I kinda figured out that when i feel ready you all will take the time to listin.


    Hi Nikki.

    I just joined today, as well. Don't feel pressured to share anything you don't feel comfortable sharing at this point. Take all of the time that you need, and when you are ready, we will be here for you.


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