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  1. Yes i agree on the good n bad days im hoping for good days soon been on a massive downwards spiril the past 6 months but im hoping joinin this forum will help me rebuild things
  2. Hi beekey thanks for ur reply and nice to meet you
  3. Thank you very much for your reply and im sorry you do understand 😭 its not an easy thing to live with at all
  4. Hi patricia thank you for your reply and i am sorry for what u have been through too, its so very sad we have to deal with all of this I just need to not feel alone at this moment in time i think once i get used to the forum ill probably share more just feel so isolated at the min 😭 Thank you very much again for ur reply
  5. Thank you for your kind welcome nice to meet you
  6. hello everyone. my name is sarah and i am 33. i really need someone to talk to at the moment. I have CPTSD have had counciling at a rape and sexual abuse centre and have also had EMDR about 12 months ago on the nhs and i am waiting for another set. I feel very small and useless at the min and so full of shame and disgust. Sorry thats probs not much to go off thanks for reading
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