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  1. Hi Vicky, Welcome to AS. I'm sorry for the reason that you came here but i'm glad your here! You willl find all the support you would hope for here. It gets a little fast pace around here but is a great place to be. If u Need anything let us know we're here for you. I hope too chat with you soon. Tina
  2. I am a Legal Assistant working on becoming a Paralegal. Its fun but attorneys can be real jerks sometimes lol Tina
  3. I'm A Wopping 21 yay (my b day is in 5 mo. i'm countin down the days)
  4. Hi Faith, Of Course you belong here! Being sexually assulted is something you never get over but something you live with and you deal with and the memories and flashbacks are the normal part of healing. I wish i could tell you that it will all go away but i can't. I can tell you that Learing to deal and cope with it is just one step closer to becoming whole again. I am so glad that u found this site we are all here for u Love, Tina
  5. Roxanna

    Hi I'm New

    I know i'm a little late but welcome to the group. I am so glad that you found this place. This is the best support group around! Hope to see you around! Hugs, Tina
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