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  1. hi welcome to AS. i hope you find what you are looking for. ~no-one~
  2. *points and puffs up chest*.. that's my beckbeck that is =] huni im glad you're here.hopefully you'll find this place as great as im finding it. lots of snuggles and loves sophi xxxxx
  3. my inner child wont stop crying, her heart is breaking, she is slowly realising that her mommy wont ever be coming back. i want to make me smile..i want to tell her i'll be her mommy now..i'll look after her...but she wont listen..
  4. jeff = jeffiner the name mistakingly given that stuck... xx
  5. jeffiner sweetie so glad you made it here to join us. i hope you find what you need here love you x x x x
  6. hey vic' glad you finally sorted out the problems you were having getting on here. i hope you will find this site helpful. love you lots soph xxxx
  7. thank you i feel all warm and wanted right now, which is no small feat by any means..thank you
  8. hello all, i am not entirely sure what to say here, but i shall give it a go. i am 20 years old, currently 6 months pregnant and kinda lost. a good friend of mine from another site directed me here after a lengthy discussion on the past. i dont deal with anything really, have become accustomed to pushing everything to very back of my mind and waiting for it to go away, a habbit which i am slowly learning to break free of. i have been a self harmer since the age of 4, and only resently been diagnosed with depression. i also have a small problem with leagal substances. anyways, i guess i
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