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  1. From what my therapist tell me these memories are just somatic episodes bubbling up from the past aka "your body has not caught up with what your mind knows" embrace these episodes and learn from them(easier said than done I know) and you can actually turn a panic attack into something great. Good luck with your journey!
  2. I work in an ER and know how hard it can sometimes be to practice medicine/ deal with personal stuff but it can be done I wish you the best of luck man you can totally do this
  3. I hope you find it here too Krissy we all deserve solace
  4. hope you have the chance to share your story everyone's story deserves to be shared
  5. we are here to help you and happy to help
  6. Your opinion and what you say matters don't be afraid to share it!
  7. The good part about a site like this is that we are all here to help people man!
  8. Really connected with your "this does not define me" part that is something that I am struggling with to I am sure you will pull through tho man!
  9. welcome man happy you can share !
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